This aerator is equipped with a high performance electric motor, with a stainless steel basket, in a polyethylene body that floats on the surface of the water. The engine is very well isolated and only the noise produced by water can be heard.

At this type of aerator, the engine is housed under the float. The submersible Aqua-Pilz is perfectly suited for the natural bodies in the water. In addition to its excellent oxygenation capacity fits very well in the décor, for example in parks.

Aqua Paddle Wheels – has a considerably enlarged surface of the pallets in the water, the exchange of gas between the air and the water being greatly improved. This is done by tearing water droplets in some very small and blowing them into the air. The droplets take oxygen and release the polluting gases into the air.

Aqua-Mini is a small aerator with speed controller that can be adjusted depending on the size of the pond. This makes it cost-effective. Smooth, easy to clean and use. The Aqua-Miniis delivered ready for use, with 10 m of cable and speed controller. It is recommended for pools up to 20 square meters.

Aqua-Maxi is stainless steel, submersible, with high-circulation pump and low power consumption.
The fountain model is creatated by a special conical deflector.
For a fee, Aqua-Maxi can be supplied with a speed controller.
This modelis recommended for natural pools and ponds, up to a maximum of 60 square meters.

Aqua-Hobbyhas A capsulated motor, fixed in an aluminium protective casing and floats on top. It's silent in operation. Aqua-Hobbyhas a multitude of applications. This model provides very efficient aeration at a relatively low price. The basket is stainless steel, (the distance between the bars is 9.5 mm or 5.5 mm or 18 mm).

The engine of this model is fastened under the float. The surface of the stainless steel basket has been considerably married. This aerator is less prone to colmatation, making him more reliable! The engine has been improved. High quality mechanical sealing guarantees long-term durability during continuous operation. Aqua-Submersible Hobby is ideal for operation during winter.