Refrigerated aggregates

Cautis will provide high-performance refrigerated aggregates, using the latest technology. We guarantee that our products will protect your goods from the deterioration caused by a high level of temperature. One of the most important objectives of the Cautis company is to help you keep the goods you carry with vehicles in the best conditions.

Cautis Supply of refrigerated aggregates

At Cautis, it is very easy to find the cooling device that best suits your requirements. Absolutely all models belonging to these categories are first class. And no wonder, as soon as the company that manufactures it is the famous ALEX ORIGINAL, world leader in the field of air conditioners. Our offer of refrigerated aggregates is diverse and allows you to choose between several types of appliances

Printer Temperature Recorder

The temperature recorder with the printer DR-400 is used to monitor the temperature in refrigerated premises where food, pharmaceutical or other chilled/frozen products are transported and the transport of live animals. The recorded temperature can be printed at any time using the printer on paper.

The temperature recorder can be picked up in all industries that are consistent with HACCP. Moreover, it can be used in any location that requires temperature recording.


Illuminated LCD display (backlight);
Two NTC probes (for temperature measurement) or optional PT1000;
Waterproof Control Panel;
High data recording capability, accurately;
Easy to install and use;
Password for protection;
Automatic data retention after closing;

Technical parameters

Temperature range: NTC:-40 C... + 120 C
PT1000:-200 C... + 650 C
Screen: LCD, adjustable viewing system;
Two recording channels (one optional)
Accuracy: – NTC: +/-0.5 C (-40 C... + 80 c); 1 C for other temperature ranges
– PT1000: +/-0.3 C (-50 C... + 200 C); 1 C for other temperature ranges
Memory Capacity: 13000 points
Recording cycle: Adjustable between one minute and 999 minutes
Resolution: 0.1
Printing of information: Mini printer thermal resistance, 57 mm wide paper, 40 characters printed on each line
Electrical Capacity: 12/24 VDC (85 – 265 vac optional)
Operating Temperature range:-20 C... + 50 C

Temperature Recorder with humidity sensor

The temperature recorder with humidity sensor and the printer DR-600, registers and stores up to 16000 sets of humidity measurements and temperature in refrigerated premises, where food, pharmaceutical or other products are transported Refrigerated/frozen products and transport of live animals, in the following measuring ranges: – between 0 and 100% for relative humidity; Between-40 C and 120 C for temperature.

The recorded temperature or humidity can be printed at any time using the printer, on paper support.

Incidentally, the temperature recorder with humidity sensor can be used in any location that requires monitoring and recording of temperature and humidity.


An NTC or Pt 1000 probe – for temperature measurement a humidity measuring probe temperature range:-40 C... + 120 C Temperature measurement accuracy: +/-0.5 (-40 C... + 80 c); +/-1 C other temperature ranges

Temperature Resolution: 0.1 Humidity Measuring range: 0... 100%

Humidity Measurement Accuracy: +/-3% Humidity Resolution: 1% RH

memory capacity: 16300 sets of memorization Interval registration range: 1 to 999 minutes LCD display illuminated (2 lines X 16 characters) thermal resistance printer, print speed 15 mm/s

paper width: 57.5 mm power supply: 12-24 VDC/AC or 85-265 VAC maximum capacity: 50 MA when not printing, 3 A when printing operating temperature:-25 C to + 60 C