Auto Bodywork

We offer professional car carriageway services for all types of motor vehicles. Whether we are talking about Autovans, ambulant bodywork, trailers and not only, Calderon offers you the best car carosers in the country at the best prices.

From specialized car bodywork to special bodywork, the Cautis car bodywork will help you transport the most diverse goods in excellent conditions. Order our special equipment for car bodywork and you will be relieved, knowing that the transported food will go unaltered at the destination or that valuable goods will be safe.

Carosari vans

Carosari car

Our company performs all the processes of manufacturing and processing of automotive Carosera. We are at your disposal for the manufacture of specialized car bodywork, utility bodywork, repair and improvement of bodywork. We are specialists in this field and we have more and more satisfied customers who are only targeting us every time they need a car body.

The accumulated experience, the flexibility of technology and the professionalism of our team allow us to accept any challenges.
The images below present some of the special projects that we have achieved.

Carriageway Dumpers

Cautis Company offers professional services of tippers and carriageway vehicles with folding shutters.
Platforms with shutters are intended mainly for distribution of building materials, transport of machinery, PVC or aluminium profiles, etc.

Lightweight tippers are intended for companies that have activities in the field of building materials distribution, in the field of civil constructions within localities, water supply services, etc.

Carosari Furgoane

We offer professional services of carosers, carosers and trucks. We have developed a professional line of profiles that perfectly combines the bodyseries so that the structure is resistant/robust but also perfectly sealed.

Refrigerated vehicles

At Cautis, it is very easy to find the cooling device that best suits your requirements. Absolutely all models belonging to these categories are first class. And no wonder, as soon as the company that manufactures it is the famous ALEX ORIGINAL, world leader in the field of air conditioners. Our offer of refrigerated aggregates is diverse and allows you to choose between several types of appliances

Carosari spacial Vehicles

Since the year 1993 we offer Services Special motor vehicles such as: self-special ambulants, fire trucks, funeral cars. We are at your disposal for the manufacture of specialized car bodywork