Metallic Confections

We offer services of metallic confections since the year 1993 the company Cautis JB ' 93 has managed to continuously expand its field of performance. The large warehouse of quality steels, as well as the continuous development of the arsenal of machines, equipped with modern CNC machines but also conventional machines made Prodima to become a reliable partner of the mechanical processing industry.

Our company is a manufacturer of metallic confections located in Bucharest. We produce wrought iron objects, custom engravings, stainless steel products for personal or industrial use. We also offer any type of services involving the processing of CNC, laser cutting materials. We offer metallic confections: gates, fences, stairs, railings, grids with delivery all over the country. Cautis offers cutting and bending services of the board in our workshop in Bucharest, being equipped with high-performance machines, such as abkant for bending the board and hydraulic guillotine. The services of metallic confections are offered both in Romaniacat and abroad.

Poles, beams, arches, metal farms

– Poles and metal halls, panels, supporting pillars
– Roof beams and farms, intermendiation ceilings, platforms
– Metal arches roof structures
– Metal structures supporting equipment, industrial machinery
– Metal structures with poles and arches for walkways, tunnels
– Metal structures supporting platforms and ladders access


– Interior Stairs (stainless steel, aluminium, steel) and technical stairs (access to the building, fire escape)
– Interior furnishings (stainless steel, steel, aluminium, chipboard) executed by customer's requirements
– Various structures for open spaces (steel, steel and polycarbonate)
– Chairs, tables and desks (stainless steel, aluminium, steel)
– Partitions, compartments
– Interior structures for scene décor performances

Medical Furniture

Stainless Steel tables – instrumentary, food transport
– Mobile Stretcher
– Cabinets and Bedside tables
– Beds – Metal and particleboard
– Strollers
– Chairs, desks and stainless steel tables
– Stainless steel supports for medical equipment
– Stainless Steel Accessories
– Hospital beds scissors and rack

Stainless steel furniture for food industry

Design and execution to the dimensions required by the customer

-Working tables (carmangerie, vegetables, pastry, confectionery, bakery)
-Vats, hoods, Racks and Shelves, Cabinets 
-Stainless Fat separator, Stainless steel Grape juicer with electric actuation,
-YourVI and site, Drain gutters, Tanks and pools,Strollers

ATM boxes, coffee, petrol stations, games

Automatic metal boxes and accessories, coffee, gas stations, laundries and games

– Value boxes and boxes electronic part ATM
– Automatic Coffee accessories: eletronic boxes, reader fastening frames, value boxes
– Accessories Games: eletronic boxes, stainless steel buttons, chip boxes and coins
– Automatic boxes: petrol stations, laundries and fast food

UPC Rack-ri 19 "secure boxes

19 "Racks or ETSI

– Distribution Box (simple box with two closures and extra closing box)
– Distribution Box – 1 piece/Set
– Long Sleeve (2, 3m) – 3 pieces/Set
– Short Sleeve (1, 9m) – 1 piece/Set
– Superior Protection – 4 pieces/Set
– Lower protection – 4 pieces/Set

CNC Perforated and stamping profiles

-Steel sheet profiles, stainless steel, aluminium (up to 10mm thickness) bent CNC up to 4m
-aluminium window sills, up to 4m
-Chassis profiles, Metal Halls Profiles: Z, C, Omega
-Cassette façade building, Galvanized supports clamping profile wall cover
-Galvanized profiles of rigid compartments
-Supports (connectors) galvanized with aluminium profiles for glass cover walls

Value Transport Boxes

-Cabinets, crates, boxes for transporting values
-Reinforced value transport structures
-Safety deposit boxes
-Money House
-Jewelry and Document boxes
-Safes of smaller size or larger

Anti-skid Sheet

Non-slip sheet perforated sheet of 2 or 2.5 mm galvanized or steel. diameter holes of 24mm and then ambufied for civil or industrial constructions including

-Corrugated Board
-Decorative Pleated sheet
-Skid Plate

Parks and street Furniture

– Custom benches and tables
– Fences, gates and doors access parks
– Bicycle racks, garbage bins parks
– Pedestrian and road railings
– Staradale Lighting and advertisement poles
– Bus Stations

Industrial containers

– Containers for telecommunications and servers
– Telecommunications shelters
– Containers and structures for generators
– Waste containers
– Containers for special transport
– Living containers, offices, sanitary groups

Panels, balconies, terraces, fenced

– Shopping spaces, terraces, swimming pools
– Interior spaces
– Internal space panels
– Panels, grilages, protective railings
– Exterior and interior ornamental panels
– Industrial Platform Panels

Fittings, metal, for electrical installations

– Electrical panels with any size
– Electric Cable beds
– Telecommunication Cabinets
– Cabinets for special applications: access cards, monitoring
– Automation Cabinets
– Control desks and monitoring of technological processes
– Equipment Boxes

Industrial furniture, office and communications

– Custom Office Furniture
– Industrial Furniture production halls
– Specialised furniture in areas of activity
– Telecommunication Cabinets
– Furniture monitoring and surveillance cameras
– Stainless steel furniture laboratories and food industry spaces
– Showroom Furniture Presentation
– Furniture and cabinets for laundries

Turnstiles and standard containers

Turnstiles and control gates
– Execution structures Gates Access: Factories, offices, parking
– Automation equipment panels and cabinets
– Turnstiles accessories: arms, arms grip support
Standard containers
– Petroleum Industry standard containers
– Plants and containers of the pharmaceutical industry
– Chemical industry installations and tanks