Laser Cutting

The F-T laser Cutting machine has in addition to other such apparatures a cutting function of the pipes, thus fulfilling the requirements required for both cutting metal plates and tubes. One device for multiple uses.

Moreover, this modern metal-cutting apparatus involves an application of manual grip chuck with very long mechanical claws to reduce material waste. The diameter of the machining is located somewhere between 20mm – 200mm, which could fulfill the majority of the cutting requirements of the tubes.

Also, this laser fiber cutting equipment has electric servo-grip handholds, synchronised both in the front and back.

The application of the chuck in the operation of such a laser cutting equipment is another example of the new technology adopted by Cautis JB ' 93. This type of innovation remarkably improves the precision of cutting and working efficiency. Also regarding the structure of this modern cutting machine, the manufacturing company goes over the conventional design rule, separating the display screen and the Control Panel.

In this way, the unique and indefinite design saves space for users and makes the equipment placement more flexible. It is, therefore, about independent structures for integrated performance.

Technical characteristics of dual use laser cutting equipment

Model F1530T
Work area 1500 * 3000mm
Effective cutting length of the sheath 3000mm/6000mm
Laser power 500w/800w/1000w/1500w/2000w/2500w/3000w/4000w
Maximum movement speed 100m/min
Maximum cutting speed 35m/min
Positioning accuracy 0.03 mm
Accuracy of Repositionation 0.02 mm
Minimum line width 0.1 mm

Applicability of dual-use laser cutting equipment

Multi-use laser cutting equipment is widely used in the processing of advertising panels, metal plate structures, high-arc electric production or low voltage, textile machineries, kitchen utensils, Parts of cars, lifts, electrical parts, helical bows or spare parts for the metro line.

In Terms of application materials, this modern machine is suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, and various metal alloys.

For its motto is to have satisfied customers and to be in the first place on top of their preferences, the company Cautis introduces in its facilities new equipment and workwear that facilitates the manufacturing processes of metallic garments so Diversified.

The newest laser cutting machinery that has been introduced into the range of professional products that equates the products of renowned international companies is the dual use laser cutting equipment F1530T.