Live Transport Systems

No problems, no stress.

Live fish transport requires specialised equipment. It includes transport tanks over and also supplying oxygen equipment. The selection and sizing of the transport tank depends on the amount of fish to be transported, the fish type, the water temperature, and the duration of the trip.
As a guide, it is possible to fill the tanks with water 75%, and 25% over, in the case of raising. For a 600l reservoir, this is equivalent to 150 kg of trout at a water temperature of 10 C. For carp species, the capacity can be 50% higher, without any problems. To maximize transport capacity, it is important to use oxygen, broadcast through some speakers. If you use air instead of oxygen (using air pumps), the loading capacity is reduced by 50%. If oxygen is used, a pressure regulator is required to keep oxygen pressure at approx. 3.5 Bar. Oxygen is supplied by oxygen hoses. In addition, a flow meter should be installed between the oxygen tubes and the speakers. This arrangement will allow adjustment of oxygen intake depending on the amount of fish in the tank. For example, 100 kg of trout need 2 liters of oxygen per minute at 10 C.